The UIC building

The current headquarters of the International Union of Railways (UIC), located at 16 rue Jean Rey in Paris’ 15th arrondissement, were inaugurated in 1963.

Most UIC member companies gave contributions in kind to mark the construction of the building, ranging from works of art to traditional objects from their countries. Some of these now form part of the furnishings and materials adorning the meeting rooms and communal spaces.

These objects and gifts, some possessing significant artistic value, help create the The items gifted by members include:

French railways:

Large Jean Lurçat tapestry in room Friedrich List. The tapestry illustrates the move from steam power to electric traction.

Greek and Italian railways

120 tonnes of raw marble (Greece), subsequently used for the staircase above reception, the lobby and the walls and columns in the basement
200 m2 of marble slabs (Italy) for the wall cladding in the lobby.

Hungarian railways

Large wall mosaic by Victor Vasarely on the wall of the UIC lobby, inaugurated in 1976 with the artist present in person.

Indian railways

Beautiful reproduction in miniature of the Taj Mahal, on show in the UIC lobby. Base-plate made of carved silver.

Israeli railways

Large mosaic inspired by a 6th-century artwork discovered in Israel, inlaid into the paving of the lobby

Dutch railways

Large ornamental ceramic motif in the mezzanine bar area

Czechoslovakian railways

Brightly-coloured crystal glass set into the walls of the lobby